Final OAG Regulations

The Attorney General regulations concerning charities will go into effect on January 1, 2016.  They were approved by the Office of Administrative Law on October 27

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, without change.  Except perhaps for some non-substantive clerical changes

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, the final version is the same as the June 25, 2015 version: June 25 2015 OAG Regs

For reference

, the administrative history of these regulations is compiled here

Major new challenges lie ahead

, for charities, grantmakers, and even the OAG itself.  The OAG’s Registry of Charitable Trusts has received a substantial budget increase, from about $3 million in the prior fiscal year ended 6/30/2015, to about $5 million in the current fiscal year.  (See Budget Act of 2014, SB 852, and Budget Act of 2015, AB 93.)

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